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First Car Rental joins the Investec Academy as Car Sponsor

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The First Car Rental brand was born from a strategic desire to be the leading car rental company in South Africa and beyond. The collective expertise and dedication of the previously known National Alamo Car Rental team, as well as the footprint secured throughout the country, which added to 44 locations countrywide, has given First Car Rental the impetus to

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Internationals come together to share knowledge

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The Investec International Rugby Academy is known in SA for bringing together some of the greatest rugby minds on the planet, to share their knowledge with players and coaches, and enable the course participants to benefit hugely from the experience from International coaches and players. IIRASA over a period of time has brought together the likes of Sean Fitzpatric, Christian

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Joost van der Westhuizen & Ian Mac Donald Visit St Stithies

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The Investec International Rugby Academy hosted an Advanced Players and Coaches course at St Stithians College in Bryanston last week. The exclusive few who applied for the prestigious course spent a week with some of the world’s best rugby coaches and experts in their field. Twenty seven players aged 16 – 18 years old and fourteen coaches who attended enjoyed


Rugby Training Tips

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PRE-TRAINING TIPS  The hours before training are important; the meal you consume can influence quite profoundly how well you perform during your training session.  It is important to consume an easily digested low fat, CHO based meal, 2-3 hours before training. (read more) Having a snack (eg: 2 slices toasted peanut butter) prior to your training session is a good

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Power Training in Rugby?

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Power training implies strong movements that are performed at high speeds.  Examples of power training are: Olympic Lifting (power cleans / clean and jerk / snatch) Plyometrics (squat jumps / tuck jumps / split jumps) Power Weights (power lunge / power step-ups / weighted squat jumps) High-Speed Weights (low weights moved at high speeds e.g. bench press Power training is

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Weight Training For Strength & Function

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The number of methods and patterns for weight training are vast.  Many are grounded in the competitive world of bodybuilding.  It is important when you train with weights that you understand that there are different ways to train, dependent on what you want to achieve.  How a body sculptor, a member of the general public or a competitive sportsperson use

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Rugby Pre-Season Training

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It is that time of the year where we, at the Investec International Rugby Academy, are getting into gear to assist schools throughout South Africa in their preparations for the new season. Preseason is essential for teams and players to prepare correctly and set the foundation to allow for week in and week out training and competing. The better prepared

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Latest World Rugby Coaching Trends

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DICK MUIR USES WORLD CUP EXPERIENCE TO IMPART LATEST WORLD TRENDS AND RUGBY COACHING KNOWLEDGE TO SA COACHES After 4 years of coaching the Boks as assistant coach to Peter de Villiers, Dick Muir is dedicating his full time to the Investec International Rugby Academy where he will impart the latest techniques, cutting edge knowledge and coaching trends to coaches

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