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Childhood Development Through Rugby

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BENEFITS OF RUGBY IN CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT: CHARACTER BUILDING Playing rugby from a young age can be a lot of fun – boys get to interact with others in their age group and learn what it feels like to belong to a team. As straightforward as this may sound, these benefits teach young players the core values of rugby, sport and


Safety For Young Rugby Players

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Schools encourage their pupils to play a sport due to the numerous developmental benefits that they can gain from the experience; however, when the child opts to play the more physical sports like rugby, parents naturally have safety concerns. The World Rugby Association therefore has developed age related guidelines to protect the safety and welfare of players at all levels.


Squats Squared

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Squats are considered as exercises for the legs, however, the benefits of these clever movements extend way beyond only the leg muscles. In fact, squats mimic a number of our everyday movement patterns and smartly work almost every muscle in the body. A squat is a compound movement, meaning more than one joint is moving, in one action, at one


South African Rugby Coaching Courses

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Rugby Coaches are key to making or effecting a players future. They can influence or even mould how players careers take shape. A rugby coach should be able to identify the strengths in each player, placing them in the position they are most suited. Rugby coaching involves teaching people how to play rugby, improving on their rugby skills, as well


The legend of William Webb Ellis

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In South Africa, rugby and soccer are the two most passionately followed sports, yet many people are actually unaware that initially these sports, according to legend, were once one and the same. Here’s how the legend goes: During the 10th century in England, the beginning of a ball sport began to emerge. Groups of people would participate in games that

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