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Rugby Is Safe – If Taught Correctly

2016-06-22T23:46:15+00:00By |

Parents often voice their concerns regarding the safety of their children when it comes to playing rugby. Our coaches believe that rugby is a safe sport and mishaps happen due to a lack of training for coaches and a poor understanding of the basic skills needed to play the game. “If you are technically sound, you will be far safer


Breathing & It’s Importance In Young Rugby Players

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Breathing is something that we are born knowing how to do; however, when we are nervous for a big game or during a game, it can be easy to “forget” to breath. The earlier we learn how to develop good breathing techniques when playing sport, the more likely we are to master these techniques at an early age and thereby


Chat with Bok Kicking Legend – Braam Van Straaten

2016-10-21T09:40:46+00:00By |

Former Springbok player and internationally renowned kicking coach, Braam van Straaten, has become a permanent fixture on the Investec International Rugby Academy coaching squad and we just love having his valuable expertise on hand. We sat down with Braam to discuss his career as a coach, his passion as a key member of the academy and grabbed a few key


Steroids In Rugby – The Reality

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Steroid-use in rugby is not new and it can be tempting for players wanting to bulk up for the season, to start using these drugs. While many players are taught that steroids are bad for their health, they are not actually aware of what exactly steroids do to the body. The next time you come across steroids, or if your

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