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How to recognise a concussion

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Concussions are common in sports; in rugby, soccer, cycling, basketball, hockey and many more. Concussions occur when a vigorous movement, such as a bump or jolt, causes the brain to move unnaturally fast in the skull, resulting in a change in brain functioning. In rugby, because concussions are common due to the contact nature of the sport – it is


Margate youngster impresses IRASA Team

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Tristin Parsons blew away some of South Africa’s top rugby coaches during an Investec International Rugby Academy course at St Charles College last week. The Margate youngster was one of 22 players who attended the four-day intermediate players course where he worked on his skills under the expert tutelage of ex-professional players and coaches Braam van Straaten, Greg Miller, Paul


Warm Up Practice Rugby Players Aged 7-10

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At the age of seven, when schools usually start allowing boys to play rugby, it can be difficult to know where to start in helping your son develop his rugby skills. The most important thing at this stage is to teach him the importance of warming up his muscles and stretching. Here’s a great game for your son and his


Touch Rugby Rules

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It’s never too early to get your son involved in rugby and the best way to get him started is to teach him touch rugby. Not only is touch rugby a great way to teach young players the basics of the game but it is also a great holiday activity that will keep him and his friends preoccupied during visits

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