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Speed & Agility – The Side-Step

2016-10-24T16:00:14+02:00By |

Knowing when to perform a move – such as the side-step – is equally as important as knowing how to perform it. Players need to learn to anticipate moves in rugby as a vital part of the game. Coaches - practicing as many drills with players as possible will aid in their ability to anticipate the moves of their opponent.


The Art Of Tackling: Part 2

2016-10-12T18:44:03+02:00By |

There are many elements to a rugby game and, this week, we look at a few more tackles every rugby player needs to know in order to have a successful and safe match. Tackles can seem daunting to younger players, but once they have the basics down, their confidence is often boosted. FRONT-ON TACKLE WITH ROLL TO SIDE A basic


The Art Of Tackling: Part 1

2016-10-21T09:40:45+02:00By |

Tackles are a big part of the rugby, and knowing the how to perform different types of tackles is an important aspect of a player/ team’s performance. Below are two simple tackles that should be in the arsenal of every young rugby player. SIDE TACKLE ON BOTH KNEES: This is a basic rugby tackle, and coaches should start by telling

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