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The History Of Rugby Scoring

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The game of rugby has been evolving since the inception of the Rugby Football Union in 1871 - over 140 years ago. The way we score today is quite different to how points were scored when the game first began! By the year 1890, there were five recognised forms of scoring points in rugby: the try, conversion, penalty goal, dropped


Understanding The Offside Rule

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The offside rule is often the cause for much confusion amongst young players and spectators alike. Simply put, it puts restrictions on the areas in which players can be or make a move. Its purpose is to allow space for players to attack and defend fairly. With an understanding of the rule’s function, it is easier to understand the technical


The Importance Of Staying Hydrated

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Staying hydrated is one of the most important things a rugby player needs to keep in mind – whether during practice or a game. It may seem straightforward but often we may be dehydrated without even realising it. The answer to staying hydrated is to ensure you are long before your body gives you a “sign” that you need water.

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