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The Importance Of Rest Before A Rugby Game

2017-03-22T16:07:18+02:00By |

When rugby players refer to pre-match preparation, they usually talk about diet and training; however, there is one more crucial element that many overlook - rest. Numerous studies have shown that athletes who incorporate sleep as a pre-match requirement have an improved pace, accuracy and reaction time. How does this work? While sleep is often thought of in terms of


Signs Your Rugby Boots Are Wrong For You

2017-03-22T12:50:10+02:00By |

It’s worth analysing your old faithful rugby boots to see whether they are still right for you – if you do need new boots, it will help you in choosing the right set for your foot. We look at the common signs that tell you that your feet have changed and that your rugby boots should too. What kinds of


Rugby Bag Must-Haves

2017-03-13T11:39:22+02:00By |

Sports such as rugby, require responsibility, discipline and forward thinking. However; it doesn’t just apply to the field, it means being “rugby-ready” for practices, matches and games away. While parents help their son’s pack their sports kit for school when they are younger, there comes a time when they must do it themselves. There’s no better lesson on being organized

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