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Fast Track Your Rugby Development These July Holidays

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“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters  We take a look at questions we often get asked so that, those who may be afraid to ask, are able to grab the opportunity to attend our courses. Remember that no question is silly so keep asking us about our courses for your understanding. Have


How to set achievable sports goals

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One of the more challenging skills to master as a sportsman is goalsetting. Many sportsman take this aspect for granted; going with the flow and hoping that one day they will achieve “greatness”. However; without setting goals for yourself, you risk not working hard enough or putting enough effort in to do well in the things that are most important


Physical Testing In Rugby

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There is often some anxiety about r among players due to the concern that their condition will not be good enough for their team. While these tests are in place to assess whether you are in the right condition for the game, they were not designed to decide whether you will make the team or not. A simple change in mind-set

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