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We love to keep up with the technological trends and developments in the game. Our new favourite toy emerging in the market is the mobile virtual player (MVP)! Type this into your YouTube search bar and you will find a number of videos where players are incorporating this into their training. What is it? It is the first upright mobile



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The beauty of rugby is that the game depends on a group effort – right from the coaching team, the players and the assistant specialists – all are needed to make a unit successful. However, not every school has the capacity to fill all these positions necessary to perform at their best every season – and understandably so. At The


Treatment Of Sprains For Sporting Success

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Strains, sprains and general aches and pains are a part of every sport; however, when left untreated and ignored, more severe injuries may form. It is important that, from a young age, sportsmen are familiar with the correct methods of healing for a good sports season.   We are lucky enough to have former Sharks and Lions physiotherapist, Ruan Fourie,


World Rugby Records – How many do you know?

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Most people can recall one or two memorable record moments in the game – usually records that their national team has set. This Heritage Month, we look at the heritage of South African rugby -  those who set national and international records in the game. Many of our national record holders prove that size and strength are not everything, and

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