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Professional Rugby Training These December Holidays

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School players get few opportunities to improve their rugby game outside of their school environment. Ensuring that you reach your rugby goals is a two-fold process – learning from as many sources as possible and making plenty of time for practice. During the school year, there is no time to seek external opportunities but in the school holidays players and


Resistance Training To Pump Up Your Home Workout

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Who says training has to stop when the season ends or during the holidays? We show you that you don’t need a gym, to keep working all your muscle groups and stay in shape, in the comfort of your home.   Resistance training is great for targeting a number of muscle groups, functional strength and flexibility and injury prevention. What


Benefits Of Music In Your Training Session

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Music is a universal language and, with over 1 000 genres of music in the world, there is definitely something for everyone. During a person’s teenage years, music is a powerful way to express identity, but it has also been proven to enhance academic experiences, personal development, and sporting abilities. Recent research shows that teens who incorporate music into their

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