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Fast Track Your Rugby Development These July Holidays

2017-05-26T11:46:52+00:00 By |

“If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters  We take a look at questions we often get asked so that, those who may be afraid to ask, are able to grab the opportunity to attend our courses. Remember that no question is silly so keep asking us about our courses for your understanding. Have


How to set achievable sports goals

2017-05-16T15:04:46+00:00 By |

One of the more challenging skills to master as a sportsman is goalsetting. Many sportsman take this aspect for granted; going with the flow and hoping that one day they will achieve “greatness”. However; without setting goals for yourself, you risk not working hard enough or putting enough effort in to do well in the things that are most important


Physical Testing In Rugby

2017-05-16T13:30:28+00:00 By |

There is often some anxiety about r among players due to the concern that their condition will not be good enough for their team. While these tests are in place to assess whether you are in the right condition for the game, they were not designed to decide whether you will make the team or not. A simple change in mind-set


Teens: Whey Up The Consequences

2017-04-20T19:17:08+00:00 By |

One of the key character traits of the millennial generation is that they are often impatient with their progress. Teens who play rugby are often tempted to gain size or strength by using protein shakes and whey powder. While protein supplements can help you achieve these goals, taking them from a young age can have severe effects on the body


Rugby Jargon Debunked

2017-04-20T19:09:51+00:00 By |

Have you ever found yourself on the side-line listening to other parents and supporters referring to the game and don’t have a clue what they are talking about? Chances are they were using a combination of rugby terminology and slang.   But how do people pick up these words if they don’t play the game? The best way to learn


The Art Of Recovery

2017-04-20T19:04:34+00:00 By |

Has an injury put you off your game lately? Often injuries occur before that all important game or trial, leaving you out of the running to show off your potential. Don’t let injuries stand in the way of your game; there are ways of ensuring that your injury gets better quickly and, more importantly, in support of your long term


Build & Recover Muscle With Protein Power

2017-04-20T18:56:02+00:00 By |

Looking for some delicious, healthy, protein-packed meals? Try this salmon and egg wrap for lunch or dinner. It is packed with essential omega 3 oils for recovery, plenty of muscle building protein and calcium to balance your recovery the healthy way.   SALMON AND EGG WRAP Serves 1 15 minutes to prepare Ingredients: Smoked salmon 1 large egg 2 large


How To Calm Pre-match Nerves

2017-04-20T18:51:13+00:00 By |

It would be unnatural to not feel some anxiety before a match; however, it is never nice to suffer from insomnia, stomach gripes or poor performance as a result of these nerves. If pre-match nerves make you so anxious that you experience symptoms that affect your day-to-day life, you are not alone. Also known as competition anxiety, almost every professional


The Importance Of Rest Before A Rugby Game

2017-03-22T16:07:18+00:00 By |

When rugby players refer to pre-match preparation, they usually talk about diet and training; however, there is one more crucial element that many overlook - rest. Numerous studies have shown that athletes who incorporate sleep as a pre-match requirement have an improved pace, accuracy and reaction time. How does this work? While sleep is often thought of in terms of


Signs Your Rugby Boots Are Wrong For You

2017-03-22T12:50:10+00:00 By |

It’s worth analysing your old faithful rugby boots to see whether they are still right for you – if you do need new boots, it will help you in choosing the right set for your foot. We look at the common signs that tell you that your feet have changed and that your rugby boots should too. What kinds of