Players often have to choose whether they would prefer to focus on a career in Sevens or 15s rugby. While the love for the rugby remains the same, a different mind-set and different skills are needed for each variation of the sport. We take a look at the key elements to seven-a-side rugby to help you decide if it is your best fit.

  1. In kick-off, the scoring team kicks off to the other team.
  1. Players need to keep the ball moving and use carefully calculated, if not a few risky moves to get points on the board.
  1. There are plenty more side-steps in a Sevens game and players need to stay focused to pick up on the other team’s game plan.
  1. Fewer players means more running so players always need to be at peak fitness levels.
  1. However, the plus side is that games are shorter at just seven minutes a half.
  1. The scrum consists of three people instead of eight.


  1. More often than not, Sevens rugby is played mostly by forwards and backs due to the fast-paced nature of the game.
  1. The skills needed for 15’s are the same for Sevens.
  1. Because the field is less crowded, good passing is essential and more dummies, change of speed and dodging skills can be used.
  1. Players must convert kicks without the use of a kicking tee; therefore, drop-kicking skills are essential.
  1. Sevens rugby is an official Olympic sport as of 2016.
  1. The atmosphere in the stadium is more light-hearted, putting less pressure on players.