Coaches are key in helping players discover who they are, develop their potential and inspire them to work hard for their goals. The role of a coach should not be taken for granted – they are after all, creating the athletes of tomorrow, today!

We caught up with a few of our coaches to find out their secrets to becoming an effective coach. This is what they had to say:

Braam van Straaten

“Coaches need to emphasise the importance of technical skills and provide this type of training in order to allow players to play safely, with few mistakes and with maximum enjoyment.”

Dick Muir

“When you can join your players’ abilities to express themselves with a good skill set, their natural talent will come through. Coaches that create a sound, confident environment for players, will see their players flourish and play to their potential.”

Greg Miller

“Coaches should help players to focus on basic skills and constantly develop these. For coaches, presentation and how to get your point across is vital. It’s no good having plenty of knowledge and not being able to get it across to your players.”

Joe Beukes

“Keeping up to date with relevant coaching methods and the latest rugby trends is of the utmost importance for the development of good players. Without the necessary knowledge, coaches will keep on coaching players only what they know, disregarding that the game is very dynamic and changes happen.”

Neil Powell

“As a coach, it is important to set yourself realistic short and long-term goals. Once you have them, find the motivation to achieve them and find your why. Then work hard and be persistent to achieve that. When you are driven, your team will be motivated to pursue their why.”

Gcobani Bobo

“What it’s all about, is being fair. You applaud someone who does well, you try and correct the technique of someone who does badly. You don’t favour anyone, you just be fair.”

John Allan

“The mark of a good coach is in keeping each player’s individualisms but moulding them together as a team. If you can get this right in young players, you truly have set them up for success.”

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