A coach is at the heart of any team; the driving force that binds and strengthens the team, that highlights and betters individual performance, and teaches powerful life lessons. They get to bask in the glory of the victory but are criticised for a poor outcome. With so much pressure on their shoulders, it is helpful to be in touch with other coaches who can relate – something we try to create at the Investec International Rugby Academy. We share some of the key aspects of a successful coach and how the right leadership can prepare a team for greatness.

“The mark of a good coach is the ability to keep each player’s individualism but also mould players together as a team. When individual skills are added together, the strength of the team will be that much more powerful.” – John Allan, former international player and Investec International Rugby Academy Coach.

It takes great skill, persistence and intentional effort to achieve this. At the Investec International Rugby Academy we believe that a successful coach has the following qualities:

  • Fairness– Constructively correct and gives praise to everyone. Gives each player equal attention and time.


  • Develop a culture of knowledge sharing– It is in the best interests of all members of a team to share their knowledge and skills to others in the sport. Knowledge sharing strengthens the team and produces a new, better generation of passionate players, captains and coaches.


  • Confidence– If you are confident in your team, they will feel it and react positively to developing in the sport. So irrespective of how you feel, demonstrate confidence in each player – it may be just the thing they need to up their game!


  • Desire and passion– Our GM, Greg Miller’s motto is “Desire breeds passion”. This is not only the desire to win, but the desire to be a team of integrity, respect and good sportsmanship.


  • Teamwork– Emphasise that each player has a part to play, but also that no player or role is above another. This creates true unity and an unstoppable strength in the team. The coach, with help from the team captain, are key to creating this attitude.

Former Springbok and key member of our coaching team, Braam van Straaten, teaches our coaches and players that, “good leadership is the glue that keeps everything together”. A good coach is to be strong, consistent, perceptive, brave enough to take the right chances, and wise enough to know when not to.

Remember that time spent improving yourself off the field can lead to victory on the field. Join us from 13 to 19 December 2018 at St Charles College for our next set of coaches’ courses! Register on our website now!

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