Rugby is not just a physical game. A healthy, positive and well-stimulated mind is just as important for well-being which will, in the long-term, see a positive impact on field performance. We share some of the great books on the rugby scene that will keep your mind engaged and stimulated in between your weekly training sessions.

No Borders: Playing Rugby for Ireland by Tom English

Winner of the Rugby Book of the Year Award in the 2017 British Sports Book Awards, this book was written by Irish sports writer Tom English. Compiled from hundreds of interviews with players, coaches and others, it details what it means to play rugby for Ireland. In terms of international rugby insight this book is a must-read.

Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary by John Daniell

This book is the autobiography of freelance sports journalist John Daniell. Having played for a number of teams around the world in his rugby career, he shares the truth about playing professional rugby below top level.

One Step Ahead: On the field and in the boardroom by Rod MacQueen

A slightly older book, here successful Australian coach and businessman Rod MacQueen shares his insight on leading, motivating and directing people towards success. A great read to inspire the team but especially for coaches and captains.

Captain in the Cauldron by John Smit

With help from Mike Greenaway, John Smit offers his autobiography as the longest serving captain in Springbok Rugby history. Among the joys and tribulations he writes about, he shares a wealth of rugby knowledge and insight that any rugby-lover should be determined to get their hands on.

Taking the time to launch into a book from rugby legends such as these can give you years of rugby insight in just a few hours. Give it try; you may just discover the key to success for your rugby career.

Do you have great rugby reads we could add to this list? Let us know your favourite rugby books on social media.