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Harnessing the formula, credibility and success of the International Rugby Academy New Zealand, the Investec International Rugby Academy South Africa, headed by Dick Muir, capitalises on the untapped demand for high-performance rugby tuition in South Africa.


Cutting-Edge Courses

Some of best coaches, ex and current players in the world get together for intensive one/two week courses to impart their practical knowledge and wisdom to all course participants. Courses are specifically designed to assist in achieving a career in both coaching and playing rugby, while interacting with the game’s global players and exposing coaches and players to the international arena.

The academy offers a range of courses which extend from coaching-the-coaches courses to elite high-performance and position-specific training for international players, through to development courses for school talent. Courses for coaches and players run concurrently, giving coaches the benefit of working with some of the world’s best up-and-coming talent while being exposed to coaches to which they would not otherwise have access.

Why choose us?

  • Specialised development of in-game skills
  • Provide South Africa’s future rugby players with the best high performance rugby development programme in the country.
  • Massive group of professional Rugby Course Facilitators
  • Professional skill and technique training
  • Rugby-specific high performance training
  • Proven performance training systems

Players get the opportunity to fine-tune their skills with access to some of the world’s finest international players. They benefit from intensive training in all aspects of the game, concentrating on physical, mental, tactical and fitness. Coaches interact with the world’s best coaching talent in a practical environment, developing a structure they can implement. Participants benefit from scientific research from various countries and sporting codes in the areas of fitness, power, training methods and models.

Customised courses are offered throughout the year in order to accommodate northern and southern hemisphere rugby seasons and teams with specific requirements.

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