Power training implies strong movements that are performed at high speeds.  Examples of power training are:

  • Olympic Lifting (power cleans / clean and jerk / snatch)
  • Plyometrics (squat jumps / tuck jumps / split jumps)
  • Power Weights (power lunge / power step-ups / weighted squat jumps)
  • High-Speed Weights (low weights moved at high speeds e.g. bench press

Power training is very popular not only among elite athletes and serious trainers but also with the general public who aspire to train the way athletes do. Power training is a good way to challenge your body to perform feats of power and strength.  These movement patterns are highly technical and must be performed correctly to reduce the risk of injury.  If you desire to train with these movements it is important that you identify a fitness trainer who has experience with these patterns and can take the time to teach them to you correctly.  They are great for variety, and to challenge those highly competitive individuals out there.