Does your son love watching rugby on the TV but appears to have lost his passion for his school team? We often find school players enrolling in our courses who seem to have lost their spark for sport. There could be many factors contributing to this, and each is personal and can affect your son’s self-esteem, peer group choices and discipline levels.

Aside from the obvious health benefits that playing a sport can have in the development of your son, there are so many more areas that are positively affected by a love for sport. Recent studies have shown that sports-based programmes are beneficial to the learning performance of children and teenagers; including school attendance and a desire to do well academically.

With technology and social media on the rise from an early age, parents are having to do more to get their children away from screens and allow them to get passionate about school, sport, goalsetting and establishing healthy relationships with their peers.

Have you heard about our courses yet? Parents often put opportunities like our courses aside because they can’t justify it as worthwhile if their son doesn’t want to play professionally in the future. There is so much more that your son can gain from our courses than developing him into the next star!

Players who attend our courses come out with a reinvigorated sense of love for the game; simply by working closely with our star-studded line-up of coaches. After all, much of childhood learning is through a role model or idol to look up to. What better way of establishing a passion for the game by meeting former national and provincial rugby players and coaches?

We try our best to ensure that each set of courses have a different line-up of national and international coaches so that every academy is unique. For a full list of who has coached on our courses in the past, click here .

Our courses allow players to spend a week interacting with players in their age group from all over the country; allowing them to make new friends and interacting through a shared interest – a love for rugby.


We want to work with your son, his friends and his coach to give them a fresh perspective on his game. By running our players’ and coaches’ courses concurrently, coaches get both theoretical and practical information. Book your son’s or coach’s spot on our July courses here.

  1. Prestige Players’ Course – 9 to 11 July 2017
  • Players aged 7 to 10 years


  1. Intermediate Players’ Course and Coaches’ Course – 9 to 12 July 2017
  • Players aged 11 to 14 years


  1. 5-Day Players’ and Coaches’ Course – 1 to 5 July 2017
  • Players aged 14 to 17 years