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An intensive five day course designed for ambitious coaches who want to learn from some of the best in the business. This course provides applicants with the necessary information that will aid coaches in their quest for bigger things. It is the ideal opportunity to tap into the vast knowledge on the course and it creates the environment where coaches can share ideas and grow in their coaching.

Course Overview

  • You will interact with the coaches and players, applying learned skills and techniques, taking part in both theory and practical sessions
  • It is the opportunity to understand the importance of technical coaching
  • Positional specialists work in one-on-one and mini unit situations with players on this course and you will observe and interact with them.
  • The Investec International Rugby Academy employs specialists in rugby specific conditioning, individual and team skills, mental toughness, nutrition and injury prevention. You will learn from and interact with these experts during the course

Course Outline

  • Rugby specific conditioning
  • Continuity and basic patterns
  • Set piece / Individual and team skills
  • Back attack / Defense / Counter attack
  • Basic pass progression / Vision and decision making / Agility
  • Contact Skills
  • Mental toughness
  • Nutrition

Course Dates

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