Sports such as rugby, require responsibility, discipline and forward thinking. However; it doesn’t just apply to the field, it means being “rugby-ready” for practices, matches and games away. While parents help their son’s pack their sports kit for school when they are younger, there comes a time when they must do it themselves. There’s no better lesson on being organized than arriving at practice and realising that you have forgotten your boots or shorts.

We look at some of the essential items every player should have in their bag and the little extras that can make a difference to their game. Parents – create a checklist, like this one, to make sure that your rugby boy is always on top of his game.



  1. A sports bag with a shoulder strap and separate compartments to ensure his dirty boots don’t make everything else soiled.
  2. A lock to use on a locker or bag.
  3. Rugby ball – it goes without saying that every player needs one of these.
  4. Mouth Guard – keep his toothy white smile intact!
  5. Headgear – protect his head and prevent the dreaded cauliflower ear (for older players).
  6. Kit – the shirt, shorts and socks provided by the team or his own.
  7. Undershorts or tights – prevent uncomfortable chafing.
  8. A good quality water bottle – keep him hydrated!
  9. Spare clothes for after the match.
  10. Kicking tee to ensure he always uses the tee that is best for his performance (for kickers).
  11. Two fresh towels – one for after the game and one for a shower.
  12. Deodorant
  13. Sun protection to keep his skin healthy.

Useful Extras

  • Extra studs (for those who use screw-studs) in case he loses a few.
  • Protection vests – absorbs some of the impact and prevents abrasions (optional).
  • Shin pads – to ensure those accidental kicks don’t set him back (optional).
  • A hoodie will ensure that he doesn’t feel the cold in winter or the rain, and will keep his muscles warm for the game.
  • A first aid kit including disinfectant, cotton wool and plenty of plasters.
  • A ball pump to ensure he can always practice with his team and on his own.
  • Pack some shower shoes, particularly if he is travelling, to ensure he doesn’t catch unwanted germs.
  • Bag and deodorisers can help keep the smell contained without making the whole change room dizzy when opening up his bag.
  • Laundry bags are great for keeping dirty clothes separate from his clean change of clothes for after the match.


Print a few copies of this checklist and keep them handy at home and when travelling to ensure he keeps all his possessions with him. Make sure he marks all his things with a permanent marker. After all, his equipment is unique and necessary for his game – he needs to look after it.