Rugby Jargon Debunked

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Rugby Jargon Debunked

Have you ever found yourself on the side-line listening to other parents and supporters referring to the game and don’t have a clue what they are talking about? Chances are they were using a combination of rugby terminology and slang.


But how do people pick up these words if they don’t play the game? The best way to learn is to watch as many professional games on TV as possible. The commentators are always finding very creative ways of describing the movement on the field. We look at some of these words and define them for you so that you don’t feel left out at the next game!


How many of the words below have you heard of?


  1. Garry Owen – a kick that is high but short enough to put pressure on the opposing team or to catch yourself.
  1. Grubber – when a player kicks the ball so that it bounces and rolls along the ground. Usually used to gain some distance when attacking.
  1. Meat Pie – a try.
  1. Jackaling the ball – stealing the ball at the ruck before it is fully formed.
  1. Dummy – a trick used by the attacking team to confuse the opposition.
  1. Flat-footed – when a player catches the ball while stationary and then needs to pass or run.
  1. Fringes – the area next to the ruck or maul.
  1. Hospital pass – when a player passes the ball to his teammate, who is very close to a defender, so that he gets tackled immediately and hard.
  1. Riding the pine – sitting on the reserves bench.
  1. Scissors – when one player steals the ball from the opposition who is running in the opposite direction.


Next time you are in a conversation about the game, throw in a few of your newly learnt terminology and impress the boffins!

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