Parents often voice their concerns regarding the safety of their children when it comes to playing rugby. Our coaches believe that rugby is a safe sport and mishaps happen due to a lack of training for coaches and a poor understanding of the basic skills needed to play the game.

  • “If you are technically sound, you will be far safer in everything you do. Yes, injuries do occur, but there are so many ways to prevent them when you are conditioned, skilful and have been coached in the right way,” says director of rugby at Hilton College and Investec International Rugby Academy general manager, Greg Miller.
  • “The correct techniques, an understanding the dynamics of the game and good conditioning will create a safe environment for players to enjoy the game,” says former Springbok assistant coach, Dick Muir.
  • “Although rugby is a physical sport and injuries are a reality, players these days are conditioned to withstand most collisions. Being worried about your child getting hurt is normal, but the percentage of serious, life threatening injuries are unlikely,” says former Free State captain, Joe Beukes.

Allow your son to play rugby if he has a yearning to learn the game. When he is small, get him involved in touch rugby so that he can learn the basics. Later on, allow him to play for his school team so that he can learn how to play the game correctly and safely.

While learning the basics of rugby is up to your son’s school rugby coaches, parents can help coaches create a safe rugby environment for their children. We believe that there is no such thing as a bad coach and encourage parents to tell their schools about our coaches’ courses.

For more information about our players and coaches courses, please visit: Investec International Rugby Academy Training Courses.