Rugby is often stereotyped as a “dangerous” sport, but when played correctly, with the right techniques and safety tips in mind, you can play without fear of injury. We share the BokSmart approach to safe rugby in SA.


The BokSmart National Rugby Safety Programme is the national organisation that addresses rugby safety in South Africa. It functions out of three core areas:

  • the BokSmart Rugby Safety Workshops,
  • the BokSmart Rugby Medic programme, and
  • the BokSmart Spineline.



Success on the field is not only about the tries scored but also the way you play as a team and an individual. Given the fast pace and intense physical aspects involved in the game, referees, coaches and players need to intentionally focus on safety. This is an important part of good sportsmanship and is key to the future of rugby.


Former Springbok captain, John Smit, shares his thoughts on the importance of rugby safety: “By embracing the true spirit of rugby, by keeping the players safe on the field and by being a true ambassador of the game at all times, you will encourage more people to play the game. Winners play smart!”



BokSmart focuses on promoting smarter, safer rugby at all levels of the game. They offer the BokSmart Safe Six as a solution. The ‘Safe Six’ is a group of injury prevention exercises that are straightforward yet challenging and can easily be incorporated into a warm up. These include the following:

  1. The ‘six’-meter shuttle-run
  2. The ‘six’-point lunge
  3. The butt-smart ‘six’
  4. The ‘six’-on-a-side push-up and twist
  5. The ‘six’-bok lunge
  6. ‘Six’ dynamic reaches


These six exercises target the core areas of the body that are most likely to be injured in intense, impact sports such as rugby. For all the practical information on how to set up these exercises and incorporate them into your practises, watch this BokSmart video: