“Nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment.” – Thomas Carlyle


Many studies have shown that there is a link between physical activities and self-esteem, especially at a young age where children are discovering who they are and learning how to be themselves.

  • Team sports, such as rugby, have an especially key role in this process by offering young players a sense of acceptance and belonging. This peer acceptance goes a long way for building confidence in players when they are on the field as well as in social or classroom settings.
  • A positive moodis a great starting point for building self-esteem. Being involved in sport and exercise is a great mood-booster, creating a perfect back drop for confidence boosting.
  • Coachesalso have a key role to play in speaking words of encouragement over players and helping them to learn their strengths and discover their abilities and potential.
  • The emphasis should be on enjoymentrather than winning. A focus on the sport your child enjoys, naturally gives them confidence in that area. Mentorship and training should boost this confidence, allowing it to overflow into other areas.


Dick Muir, former Springbok and Director of the Investec International Rugby Academy inspires players to get the most out of their rugby game.

“In this game you need to get out and express yourself. Don’t allow the fear of failure to stunt your growth,” says Muir.

Rugby can be a wonderful sport for young boys to discover who they are, build life-long character and express themselves in a fun and passionate way. As they develop their skills and knowledge in the game and build good ties amongst teammates, their confidence, both physically and internally, will grow.

Although rugby is an “intense” sport, it creates opportunities for young players to develop themselves, set goals – and as they work to achieve these goals, build up confidence and self-esteem. As they achieve certain plays, make good passes or the right decisions, they are able to see their worth and value as a teammate and as a person, which are both key to building self-esteem and self-confidence.

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