Squats are considered as exercises for the legs, however, the benefits of these clever movements extend way beyond only the leg muscles. In fact, squats mimic a number of our everyday movement patterns and smartly work almost every muscle in the body. A squat is a compound movement, meaning more than one joint is moving, in one action, at one time.

The benefits of squats include:

  1. Strengthening bones, muscles in the knees. Using many muscle groups stimulates the body to naturally produce muscle-building, growth hormones. These hormones help to gain strength in the knees, hips and, in turn the entire body; preventing injuries when playing sport and in daily activity.


  1. Building core strength. Your body has to work harder to keep an upright posture during squats, particularly if you are using weights (and doing them correctly!); building abdominal strength and a more defined six-pack.


  1. Increased flexibility. The full range of motion that squats require, increases the movement of the hips thereby reducing back pain and making sports and everyday activities easier.


  1. Making workouts more effective. Incorporating a few heavy squats into your routine will increase your heart rate and leave a burn in your legs. With fitness and legs ticked off your list, your will have more time for stretching and to work on other muscle groups.


  1. Reducing body-fat percentage. The natural production of anabolic hormone not only helps muscle gain but also burns fat.