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The Art Of Tackling: Part 2

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There are many elements to a rugby game and, this week, we look at a few more tackles every rugby player needs to know in order to have a successful and safe match. Tackles can seem daunting to younger players, but once they have the basics down, their confidence is often boosted. FRONT-ON TACKLE WITH ROLL TO SIDE A basic


Warm Up Practice Rugby Players Aged 7-10

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At the age of seven, when schools usually start allowing boys to play rugby, it can be difficult to know where to start in helping your son develop his rugby skills. The most important thing at this stage is to teach him the importance of warming up his muscles and stretching. Here’s a great game for your son and his


5 Day Players & Coaches Course

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A top school boy Player and coach course, run over 5 days, will prepare both players and coaches for rugby at an advanced level. Take your game to the next level by working some of the top coaches in the business. A chance to learn the latest cutting edge information on the game. The course covers all fundamental skills involved

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