As a coach of 4/5 years, with various courses and qualifications under my name. I could not understand how my teams had never done well, including my latest season, where my little u9 team finished last in the league. I undertook to attend the Advanced Coaching Course at Investec Rugby Academy in Jan 2013, with the sole intent of changing the fortunes around and learning how to implement and communicate various concepts and ideas across.

I will never be able to talk too high or over exaggerate how much this course helped in making that next step in the process. After an intense week of insightful information and many late nights with Greg, I landed up making my trip back up to Jo’burg with four full written notepads and a large file with notes. The weeks that followed were intense reviewing both course notes and videos, I undertook the task of putting together a training program for an u10 group that I felt was one of the best in the country.

From such principles and positions by personalities and core fundamental training to such little things as where to put your hands during a drill and how to project your voice and keep everyone involved at all times, I understood that even though I may have always been a good coach at heart, this course was the clue and the missing pieces that finally put this giant puzzle into place.

Our season thus far goes a little something like this. We have been on tour to KZN, and the boys attended the Investec Intermediate Player’s Course over 3 days, which is another testimonial letter all together. We have smashed and beaten the best the various unions have to offer us in our age group this year, taking on sides from Sharks, Bulls and Lions unions and even beating teams that would of beat us 50-0 last year. We even managed to beat three sides that have never been beaten since u6 inception.

By no means is this all about winning, but the various principles that have been taught and re-taught on how to be applied and communicated have made us one of the premier junior sides in what I believe is the country. And with this success comes other realisations of sponsors, and more children joining our team because of the high reputation. We entered two teams into our local league and next year are looking at three, most club teams can only boast one and if they have reserves it is a plus. Our ‘B’ Team this year has already won a few tournaments and only lost to the league winners from last year, drawing with the league runner up and winnign every other game. Our ‘A’ team has not been touched and is playing rugby that is both attractive and amazing to watch, with various skills being illustrated such as communication, passing, knowledge of the games and those around them. So many parents, both ours and those of opposing teams have said how the boys play as if they were 2-3 years older and they are amazing to watch.

To Greg and the guys at Investec Rugby Academy, I say thank you. Your insight and patience taken in listening to many chats that went well into the night, helped transform myself and this team into the success story it is. To anyone else that is thinking whether the course is worth it or not. Don’t second guess it for a second. The details and depth of the coaches and guys will take you to a level that is only limited by you. The guys are great. Thanks again.

Daniel Ribeiro, Pirates Rugby Club Coach
Messrs Taylor and Norman Van der Merwe attended the Investec International Rugby Academy coaching course in Johannesburg early this year. Highly recommended, this comprehensive course gave us a head start to the season and we would like to thank the Old Selbornian Association for generously sponsoring the two coaches. Mr Roelof Kotze of the Sharks Academy ran the annual clinic for all of our coaches in March. These courses introduce our coaches to the latest developments in rugby and influence the style of rugby the whole club plays. During the season the rugby coaches regularly met to share knowledge.
Selborne Rugby Club
Cameron was offered a French Contract with Section Paloise in Pau, France, Starting from the 1st July, the new 2015/ 2016 season. He was spotted playing at the Hong Kong 10s Tournament in March this year and approached by two top 14 clubs, Bordeaux Begles and Section Paloise. Section Paloise is the Club Cameron has signed a contract with. His agents Tom Negri and Mike Makaab from Prosport International are delighted and wish him great success. Cameron has the talent and skills to play top super rugby! is a comment recently made by Etienne from the Sharks Academy. He begins his Professional Rugby career with lots of love,support and well wishes from his team mates, coaches and friends that he has made in the year and a half with College Rovers.. it has been the best club for Cameron! Cameron attended Michaelhouse and for two years played in their 1st team. He attended the course you held in 2013 for Elite players. He was offered a Bursary to attend the Sharks Academy in 2014 and 2015. He featured in the High performance squads and was selected for the SHARKS UNDER 19 in 2014. This year he was chosen to play in the Manila 10s in the Philippines and was again chosen to play in the Hong Kong 10s….. He also played for 1st , 2nd and under 20s teams for Rovers this year and in the Community Cup.
Cameron Holenstein, Elite Players Course
I would just like to take this opportunity and thank you and your committee for nominating me to attend the Advance Coaching Course presented by Greg and His team. Words can not describe what it meant to me. I must say having been coaching for so long and then to rub shoulder with some of the Big Guns of International rugby, you then start to realize you know very little of Rugby and Coaching. I promise you it was a life changing experience and I cannot say Thank you enough.

I must say it was nice to see 4 of our DRSU boys also attending and I was communicating with them throughout the week, they also can not describe their experience and I am certain we will see the improvement in those players this coming season.

I also kept an eye on all the different age group training sessions and I really think we must try and get Greg and his team involved somehow with the DRSUYCA. Be it coaching wise or for the players.

Fly van Schalkwyk, Advanced Coaches Course
Chris started last season playing in Maritz College 5th team but he set himself goals and by the end of the season was playing for “the Sasha’s”- the MC seconds and probably the most favoured of all teams (by the boys) at MC. He would like to play for the 1sts and certainly with the absolutely outstanding coaching and knowledge that he received via the Investec academy together with is hard work, I am quite certain he will.

Braam van Straaten has made a HUGE impact on him- not only as a player but as a man that gives back and encourages others. Chris will forever be grateful for the privilege of having been coached by such a world class specialist and I know will take all that he has learnt into his game. Andre Pretorius too had a huge impact on him- again as a man rather than only as a player.

I dropped some food off for Chris and his roommate and met a very charming young Prep boy who told me he was going to Hilton- I did sympathise with him that he couldn’t be a College boy- and I believe he belongs to Greg Miller who I assume is your husband. A really nice young, confident and well- spoken boy!

To Greg who so graciously entertained my sisters request to assist in allowing Chris the privilege of attending this course, to each and every role player, coach and participant, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded to our son. He had a week of intense activity that will leave a lasting impression, lifelong memories and the opportunity to make friends with boys from all over the country.

Christopher Reed, Intermediate Players Course