Do you have a love for rugby but don’t play anymore? Sometimes even the most die-hard rugby fans miss being a part of the action at times and being a spectator just doesn’t quite fill the void. While you could join a social club and play your heart out, sometimes our bodies are just not quite what they used to be, particularly if you have previously suffered an injury.


If you have a yearning to learn more about the game, then we can help you! Whether you have dreams of becoming a school coach or just want to give back by introducing the game to those who haven’t played before, we invite you to join our Coaching Course this December.


Not sure if you are suited to becoming a youth rugby coach? If some of these values resonate with you, then you should seriously consider putting your skills to use.


  1. Your son plays rugby and you thrive off of watching him and his team’s development.


  1. You never get sick of watching, analysing and talking about the game – regardless of the league or level.


  1. You love working with children and want to add to their growth.


  1. You get annoyed when players are disrespectful to the referee or show poor sportsmanship skills.


  1. You believe that health and safety are a top priority in the sport.


  1. You understand that there are different levels of the game for each age-group.


  1. You are generally a calm, patient person.


  1. You are able to turn ordinary tasks into fun games.


  1. You understand that each player and team is different and that coaching style is dependent on the individuals that make up your team.


  1. You communicate well and like to strategize your life.


Get a taste of what the world of coaching is about and make your mark on the development of the future of SA Rugby by joining our 5-Day Coaches Course which runs alongside our 5-Day Players Course, providing a first-hand experience in watching our professional coaches in action.


Who can you expect to work with? The likes of former Springbok coaches’ Ian McIntosh, Peter de Villiers, Nick Mallet and Dick Muir, former Sharks Coach Gary Gold, Sharks Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Steele, current Blue Bulls Coach John Mitchell, Sharks XV Coach Paul Anthony, former Wallabies Kicking Coach Braam van Straaten, Springbok Kicking Coach Louis Koen and many more.


Whether it just becomes a fun hobby or if it takes you up into the world of coaching, join our Coaches Course from 9 to 13 December at St Charles College in Pietermaritzburg!