Braam van Straaten always says: “Ability is born, talent is coached.”

We know with some players it may take a little more coaching than others but in the end, it always comes down to; what you put in, is what you get out. Rugby is about so much more than an impressive performance, it takes time, discipline, mastering the basics, conditioning your body and training your mind to be rugby-smart; this doesn’t happen overnight.

Here’s what our coaches had to say about what it takes to make it in the game:

Gary Gold

“Players may have a natural ability for the game and be physically prepared, but their skills can always be improved. Players that want to make it to the top should take up every opportunity to fine-tune these skills.”

Dick Muir

“It always goes back to having the correct skill-set and being able to understand the game.”

Greg Miller

“Hard work, the correct techniques, mental toughness and a great attitude will also get you a lot further than most.”

Phiwe Nomlomo

“Creating a good balance in life when you are building your rugby career is so important because it comes with discipline and patience.”

Michael Horak

“If you want to make it professionally, you must remember your character is very important. Values like work ethic, humility, and discipline will rise to the top.”

Roelof Smit

“Mental toughness is the key to going to the next level. You can beat someone purely at being mentally stronger. Don’t underestimate the power of this weapon.”

Murray Mexted

“You can be a talented individual, but you have to play with the team otherwise it doesn’t work.”

Marco Labuschagne

“Be willing to keep learning and challenging yourself. There is always something to learn to make you a better player.”

Our courses offer aspiring players the exposure to many of SA’s top coaches and past players and the latest techniques required to master the correct skills, disciplines and mind-set to take your game to the next level.

Whether you’ve got natural born rugby talent or merely have the determination to make it in the rugby world, our players courses will give you the opportunity to up your game. Find out all you need to know and register your spot here. https://investecacademy.com/course-registration/

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